Over 60 Years of Tradition

12 months warranty
Service within 24 h
Your turbocharger will be remanufactured by highly trained staff and high-end equipment

12 months warranty !!!

For trouble-free and safe driving, we offer 1-year service warranty.

DPF cleaning service

Non-invasive method of cleaning of all types of filters – for cars ­DPF/FAP­ (also EURO 6), buses and trucks, and catalysts of big trucks (SCR) as well.

Has your turbo failed?

No problem! We offer a competitive turbocharger repair service for any turbocharger in need of an overhaul. Scroll down for more info.

High-end equipment for the best quality service

We use high-end diagnostic and repair tools of the latest generation.

Highly trained staff

Best advice and service from the specialist for turbochargers.


A unique offer for the overhaul of all models from the picture. Is your turbo included in this special offer? Take the chance. The highest quality turbo service with a 12-month warranty, now at ultra-affordable prices.
Cene turbo servisa 2023
Do you want to know the price of TURBO SERVICE for your car?
Send an inquiry with information about the car and you will receive an answer as soon as possible.



Turbo Service Nastasijevic now offers Diesel particulate filter DPF cleaning service for all types of vehicles and machines.

DPF filter cleaning video
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Replacement Turbos – We have a large selection of refurbished turbochargers ready for installation. From the offer we highlight:

turbina reno 1.5dci

SPECIAL OFFER I: Renault 1.5 dci


High quality turbocharger repair service for Renault Clio, Megane and Scenic with 1.5dci engine from 70EUR to 200EUR. 12 months warranty.

Limited time offer!

turbina vw audi 1.9 tdi

SPECIAL OFFER II: Passat, Audi 1.9 TDI


Turbo repair service for VW and Audi models with 1.9 TDI engines from 80EUR to 230EUR. Complete turbocharger refurbishment with installing only high quality non-Chinese parts.
12 months warranty.

turbina reno 1.9 dci

SPECIAL OFFER III: Renault 1.9 dci


Starts from 80EUR to 230EUR for complete top quality turbo repair job for Renault Laguna, Megane and Scenic models.




The highest quality service for affordable prices! Complete turbocharger condition assessment starts from 30€. Full repair cost starts from 70€. For more info contact us.


With state-of-the-art turbocharger testing tools we quickly find the cause of the failure, easily and accurately assess the condition of the turbocharger components, inform the client and suggest the most optimal solutions.


All undamaged parts of the turbocharger are thoroughly cleaned, sandblasted, dried and prepared for re-assembly. After this process, each component is restored to factory condition.


In our service we also offer turbine assembling services, shaft balancing, balancing of entire turbine, testing on a bench, oil flow control test, calibrating of variable geometry and more.


Your vehicle is fully repaired and ready within 24 hours period. With a detailed service report and a written warranty you can be safe of the road.


Your turbocharger can me be sent to us via courier service. After repair, you get the refurbished turbo back at the desired address withing short period of time.


Complete automotive services for your vehicle. Here are all services we offer in our workshop:


Not from Serbia? NO PROBLEM!

We have developed an organized network for the transport of turbochargers in both directions for all clients from the neighborhood countries and European Union countries. Specialized transport and packaging staff, as well as longtime associates, guarantee fast and safe transportation.

Transport is our concern

Just contact us and get detailed instructions regarding disassembling, packing, sending and delivering the turbine.

After repair and testing, we pack the turbine together with a warranty and detailed installation instructions. The package arrives at the indicated address as soon as possible. It is only your responsibility to forward the instructions and turbine to your car mechanic.

Turbo Repair

Signs of a turbocharger defect

Has your turbo failed?  No problem, we offer a competitive turbocharger repair service for any turbocharger in need of an overhaul.

Turbochargers are used to increase the performance of diesel and gasoline engines. Warning signs of impending turbocharger maintenance include a whining sound that grows louder at boost, the smell of burning oil, an excessive amount of smoke, and a noticeable decrease in power. A turbocharger may also be in danger of failing when it doesn’t receive enough lubrication, and improper lubrication can lead to carbon buildup. However, a constant mechanical and thermal stress in normal operation also causes parts of the turbo to wear out over time. If you notice one or more of these signs on your vehicle, please contact a workshop as soon as possible. If your turbocharger is defective, it must be replaced or repaired ASAP in order to prevent further engine damage.

Repair of turbocharger

Brand new replacement turbos are extremely expensive, so we are specialized for professional repairs of defective turbochargers , high-quality and less expensive alternative.

As a specialized workshop, we are equipped with highly trained staff and the most modern equipment to provide a precise fault diagnosis. Than we suggest the quickest and the cheapest solution to repair of your failed turbocharger.

When replacing wear parts, we only use original parts to ensure a perfect installation and to guarantee the perfect functioning of the turbo after the repair.

Before we start the repair, we will discuss all necessary steps with you. We will inform you about the nature of the damage as well as the cost of spare parts and the estimated working time. Only when you agree with our offer, your defective turbocharger will be repaired.

Careful planning allows you to repair as quickly as possible so that the downtime of your vehicle is kept as short as possible for you.

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turbo centar nastasijevic

SINCE 1951.

Motor Center Nastasijevic was founded in 1951. as a stand-alone auto-mechanic shop. After many years of keeping high level of service quality, throughout three generations of families, small garage grew up into the most modern, state of the art, workshop.


As a section of Motor Center Nastasijevic from Serbia, Turbo Service is a specialized department for turbocharger repair jobs, turbo rebuild and for re-manufacturing turbos for all types of petrol and diesel engines with the latest generation, state-of-the-art machines. Turbo Service staff is highly trained to work according to the latest high-level standards required by car manufacturers. Top quality, best prices, fast service available throughout whole Europe.



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