Fuel injector ultrasonic cleaning

Here at Turbo Service Nastasijevic we offer ultrasonic cleaning service for fuel injectors and nozzles. The latest generation of ultrasonic bath and highly trained stuff with lot of experience gives the highest quality service in Serbia.

All you need to know about ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic fuel injector cleaning and flow testing is the only fuel injector cleaning method that guarantees reliable and measurable results. No other injector cleaning method can claim such  results. The goal of fuel injector cleaning is to remove hydrocarbons and deposits from the internal components of the fuel injector.

Even with the proper tools, professional fuel injector cleaning equipment and specialized ultrasonic cleaning solutions it takes approximately 45 – 60 minutes to thoroughly clean the injectors. GDI or Direct Injection fuel injectors takes even longer.

How does ultrasonic fuel injector cleaning work?

Ultrasonic fuel injector cleaning

The ripple effect is caused by the ultrasonic sound waves

The ultrasonic cleaning system sends high frequency sound waves through a cleaning solution. This frequency leaves micron sized super heated bubbles in the sound waves wake. When these bubbles collapse against the fuel injector components the heat and energy of their implosions together with the fuel injector cleaning solution work like millions of little scrub brushes. This scrubbing brush action remove dirt and oxidation from the internal surface of the contaminated fuel injector parts.

Why does ultrasonic fuel injectors work so well?

Ultrasonic fuel injector cleaning gets into the tiniest of nooks and crannies where dirt and grime hide to scrub those areas clean. The cavitating and de-cavitating cleaning action of the ultrasonic cleaning system goes where brush bristles can’t. It has proven to do what powerful cleaning solutions by themselves just cannot do.

This form of fuel injector cleaning can only work if the ability exists to open and close the injectors while the fuel injectors are suspended inside the ultrasonic cleaning bath. If you cannot open and close the fuel injectors whilst inside the ultrasonic fuel injector cleaning bath you will not achieve your goal of cleaning the inside of the fuel injectors. Both cleaning liquids and the ultrasonic frequency sound waves has to be able to get to the components you want to clean.

Only one in about ten thousand fuel injectors needs to be replaced. It then can be understood why ultrasonic fuel injector cleaning is a cheaper alternative to buying new injectors.

The cost of injector cleaning is negligible compare to the cost of fixing a damaged engine due to fuel injector related problems.

Why take a chance do it right the first time out.